We are teachers with a combined 40 years of experience and a passion

for helping struggling students learn and thrive.

The past decade was spent helping start a school for students

with Dyslexia or other language-based differences.

While serving as admissions counselors, we realized the need for clarity

and guidance with the confusion, misinformation,

and bewildering array of educational choices.

We formed ASPIRE with the goal of offering families

hope and help as they navigate these challenging decisions.

If your child has not had formal testing, we can help you figure out

the next best steps on your child's educational path. 

Even with quality psychoeducational testing, there are often still many questions. Our society presents “solutions”, but even the plethora of choices can be downright overwhelming, financially draining, and time consuming. As families strive to balance these demands, it can be unduly stressful. This is where ASPIRE steps in to help. 

We bridge the gap from the diagnosis and debriefing after testing through the process of

establishing an educational plan that best suits your child. 

We begin with a careful consultation to make sure we understand your child and family’s needs. We review the academic testing with you, hoping to inspire you with some fresh insights and perspectives on your child’s unique learning profile. Then we get to work on your family’s behalf to ensure that your child is in the best educational environment and is receiving the support needed to meet his/her potential.

We can meet with schools and attend 504 and IEP meetings to ensure that educational plans are set up to your specifications and advocate for your child’s rights. Our goal is simple: we want each student to be in the right environment for his or her learning style.  With a wide range of contacts in both the public and private school sectors

and a myriad of resources to connect your family for a variety of needs, ASPIRE can be part of your solution.

Let us take the confusion out of the process for you. You focus on your child.