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"The brain is constantly creating and destroying neural pathways, forming the thought and behavior patterns our brain uses to make decisions, choose actions, and present us to the outside world.

The pathways that are used get stronger; those that are under-used grow weak and are eventually replaced."

The brain is like a muscle that benefits from a good work out. There are plenty of brain game opportunities online, and they can be good tools. But in my opinion, the best brain games happen when people are interacting with people. So many additional skills can be learned and practiced  when the games are played actively with others, (such as becoming aware of body language, facial expressions, learning new strategies from peers, group dynamics, cooperation, sharing, empathy, sportsmanship, patience....the list goes on and on.)  Luckily, there are a wide variety of logic, memory, strategy, problem solving, and thinking hands-on games and activities available. I am collecting these games to use with my students any chance we get. They think they are just "playing games," but they are actually giving their brains a solid work out, while building skills and thinking strategies. 

Playing Brain Games has shown benefits for people of all ages.

Students' academic experience can improve. Age-related deficits can be slowed.

Individual Coaching: $75/hour

Small group workshops: 4-8 people $25 per person





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